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Aflamna Al Helwa

"Aflamna Al Helwa" - "Our sweet films" is a television program that highlights the 13 most important films in the history of Egyptian cinema, such as The Mummy, Gharam Fi Al-Karnak "Love in Karnak", Shey Min El Khouf  "A Taste of Fear", Al Ekhteyar "The Choice", Oghnia Ala Al Tarek "Song on the Passage", Al Zoga Al Thania "Second Wife", Sawaq El Autobees "Bus Driver", Om al Arosa "Mother of the Bride", Ghroob Wa Shrooq "Sunset and sunrise", El Saman Wal Kharif "Autumn Quail", Araa AL Balah "Date Wine", and Al Haram "The Sacred".

The program is a documentary study that is presented in a television series for the first time on an Egyptian satellite channel.

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