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Nashaat Al Diehy

chief executive officer

The genius of Egypt .. a place, a time and people…

At a time when Egypt is rebuilding itself, the importance of the role of the media to raise awareness among the masses is underscored.

As an Egyptian who works in the field of media and the head of a television channel, I am proud of what we have achieved in the development, modernization and renovation of "TeN TV" during the current stage of the channel's life.

This channel has appeared in one of the most difficult periods in the history of modern Egypt, we have been able to work in the spirit of the team and faced many challenges .. And I am confident that we are on the right track , and success will be our ally and our uniqueness.

Amr Abdel Hamid

Channel Manager

TeN channel is an enlightening channel based on objectivity and professionalism. Its content is attractive and interesting according to the latest technical techniques.

The channel provides information based on the axes of enlightenment and creating a state of public awareness as well as its content between connecting the facts and entertainment with different viewers.

The channel is working to provide the "new media" to promote the culture of digital content to accommodate the new variables and what is happening on the social media in a professional framework fit the values of the Egyptian family.

Al Tahrir Media Production & Satellite Channel

TeN is an Egyptian public channel that has various programming templates between dialogue, opinion and news. Over the past three years, the channel has become more than a screen. It adopts youth initiatives and reflects the Egyptian cultural reality. It has become the media partner for a large number of events in Egypt and the Arab world, believing in the role that media can play in society.

TeN is the true beginning of interactive TV, which tries to present new media content with a television character and digital speed that keeps abreast of technological development.

Community responsibility

TeN is keen to participate actively in promoting positive development and community-based development initiatives that help build a better future for the promising young generation in Egypt.
Ten TV, in collaboration with the National Center for Blood Transfusion, launched a media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation. The channel will produce media materials and provide advertising space for six months.


TeN has been awarded the Gold YouTube Shield for YouTube channel subscribers to reach 1,000,000 viewers and this is one of the achievements of TeN.

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